Career Opportunity

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After completing the basic course in any paramedical streams the candidate can take a job in a hospital , nursing home, clinic, health departments etc. With the opening of corporate hospitals like Apollo Hospital, Escorts Hospital etc. the scope for these professionals has increased tremendously. The candidates can also choose for teaching as a profession. Besides, they can open their own laboratories/clinics. The career prospects for different paramedical streams are described subsequently.

1. M.L.T. may find job in a hospital, minor emergency centers, private laboratories, blood donor centers, doctor’s clinics etc. A technologist can advance to supervisory or management position in pathology labs and hospitals.

2. R.I.T. has wide employment prospects in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, schools, residential care, community health and welfare centers and industries.

3. O.T.T. work in operation theatre of hospitals, Emergency departments and intensive care units. Their main responsibility is to assist and help doctors and surgeons during surgery and emergency procedures.